Genesis Preschool: St. John's Lutheran Church

My First Client Project

This particular website was brought to me from my mother in 2014. She is the Director of Genesis Preschool at St. John’s and when she told me that the church would like to see a website dedicated to the preschool, I was interested immediately. I must say that this was a challenge for me due to it not only being my first client project, but also the fact that I was still attending Pennsylvania College of Technology. Though I was still learning more about the web and design, I was able to create a website that both St. John’s and Genesis Preschool was happy with. This project is powered by WordPress. I used this because it allowed the preschool to update their website easily. Not only do they have an easy-to-understand set up to update the content on pages, they also have the ability to create new posts with various news and updates.

Web Details

  • WordPress
  • Responsive Design
  • Google Calendar
  • Pachyderm WP Theme