Class Project: Montclair Cooperative School

Graphic Design For The Web

This was my final project for my Graphic Design for the Web class. We were to re-design and code the current Montclair Cooperative School website. Using Montclair’s website was just for learning purposes only and not for any legitimate business. During this class project, my professor had us go through the steps of creating a logo that would be on the website, colors that would be use throughout the website, and the overall layout of the site itself before we coded it. As part of the assignment, we were only asked to code a few of the pages from the current Montclair website, and we were free to create it with any form of code we wanted. I used Bootstrap to create the site with some tweaking of my own. This site is not responsive, and was only designed for desktop viewing.

Web Details

  • Bootstrap 3
  • jQuery
  • HTML & CSS

Active Pages

  • Home
  • History
  • Programs At A Glance