Class Project: Current/New Voters Email Design

Graphic Design For The Web

This project was an interesting one because up until I took this class my senior year, I never really thought of how emails were created before they were sent out to consumers.

This particular email design was to remind current registered voters why they should vote again for this upcoming election. Everyone in class was required to use as the main source of information and to act as if the email they was coming from the government. I have provided the HTML page I created. Some clickable areas work while others do not.

The second email design is part two of the email design project. This one was focused on voting, but specifically surrounded the idea of encouraging new voters to participate in the coming election. I was interested in getting the word out there in a simple and appealing way. As someone new to voting, I thought of what I would like to see in an email trying to encourage me to register and vote. As a headline for the email I used a picture from the Women’s Suffrage Movement where, like the text says, they had to fight for the right to vote. The idea is that this would, in turn, give a new voter the idea that it was not always this easy for everyone to vote. Using brief descriptions that got the point across while encouraging them to learn more was a challenge because no one wants to read too much when they open an email. They want to read as little as possible and be able to explore further on their own.

Through this class I learned the valuable design process:

  • 1. Determine the overall message
  • 2. Draw out sketches.
  • 3. Design the graphic on the computer
  • 4. Create the HTML within in the email itself.

Web Details

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